Do I get to pick my choice of vehicle type/make/model/colour and other options?
Short answer is yes. But it is important to keep in mind that the more specific (picky) you are in your selection, the longer it takes to find the exact vehicle of your choice, and also be able to minimize the payment, and do a zero $0 down approval.
Do you provide contactless purchase option and delivery to my home?
In vast majority of cases yes. Sometimes because of the quality (or lack) of the customer’s trade-in vehicle – if any, or them residing at a very remote location in Northern Ontario, then it may not be possible. But we will do our very best – always!
I have a current car loan with a financial institution that I need to get out of before getting a new vehicle. Is that possible?
Yes. We have re-finance car agents standing by who specialize in negative equity situations. In general it is important to get out of a high interest car loan as soon as possible and especially before that vehicle potentially needs costly repairs or dies completely, while you will still continue to owe money on it and run into further credit problems, because your current financial institution on that vehicle will still require you the customer to keep up your payments on that vehicle regardless of the condition or drivability of that vehicle, as the car, and the car loan on it, are two separate matters.
I have applied for bankruptcy and/or consumer proposal. Would I still qualify to get a proper vehicle?

Yes. In fact certain auto finance companies actually prefer clients who have applied for bankruptcy/consumer proposal. Logic being that you are the same “John/Mary”, less the annoying collection agency calls in your life, less the minimum monthly payments that you had to make to keep up with for the now-wiped out debt, while getting a brand new fresh start on your financial life which makes you a quality client in their eyes today!

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